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Band Instruments

Musical Instruments, School Band, Alabama

One of the most thrilling and satisfying things for us to see is a child get his or her new band instrument. The way their face lights up and the excitement in their voice just can’t be beat. We get to see them work and grow and improve along the way. We see their parents with a slight look of doubt and hesitation… reluctant to put forth the investment being unsure if the child will succeed. We see them grow as well, and become excited to be a part of the band program “family”. They bring their children to the store to tell us of their accomplishments, such as the honor bands they’ve achieved and their school’s scores at contests. They tell us their invenstment has more than paid off when they report of the scholarships they’ve received. We even get to see some students become band directors, helping new students and families along the same journey. We say a big thank you to these children and parents for letting us become a small part of this life long journey.

Our goal is your success. Part of that success depends on the instrument. The wrong instrument will only hinder the success of the player. Every instrument we offer is of the highest standards, and will provide the greatest chance of success. Please be aware of “cheap” instruments. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

The brands of band and orchestral instruments we offer are: