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Guitars & Amps

We inspect and set up every guitar we receive before we put it on the sales floor. A guitar is not a good guitar until it plays in tune and plays to the best of its ability. For many, the buyer / dealer relationship ends at the sale. That’s where ours begins. We will help you maintain your instrument as long as you own it, keeping it in top playing condition.

Every guitar is different. Every player is different. The same guitar will sound different with different players. A guitar should never be purchased until the player has had it in his / her hands. And a player should not be denied the thrilling experience of hand selecting the new-found love of a high quality guitar.

We offer guitars from the following companies:


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Bluegrass Instruments

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Amplifiers from the following companies:

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Cases from:

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Acoustic pickups from:

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And a world of accessories and strings!